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1525 Luther ST
Charlotte, North Carolina


Rebrand Media is a lifestyle production company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rebrand Media's mission is to provide creative solution based on unique Video Branding and Design. Initially focused primarily in fashion, entertainment and Lifestyle, We shifted our sights on Commercial and film and gear to make our mark in a rapidly growing city like Charlotte.

Recently, Rebrand Media have partnered up with various advertising agencies to provide direction and production for commercials.

Tasteful marketing approach and innovative concepts while having you BRAND in mind is what we strive for.


This me venting...


Eric Halili

85 Degrees and sunny. Great day for shooting outside with The Agency ( on our collaborative project producing a series of commercials for City Storm Water ( Yesterday we shot our first scene with the help of our very own CHUBBY and the Charlotte Checkmates.

Last year we produced an animated commercial spot that included a song that was such an ear worm that it resonated long after you're home and in bed. It was one of those songs that you just can't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried! 

That said, the commercial played all last year and we found out that the public shared the same sentiments about the song. Often using it and singing along with it and sometimes HATING IT! The Agency and City Storm Water came up with an excellent idea to run a campaign called #singthejingle . 

This social media campaign encourages consumers to record a video on their smart phone singing the jingle to win prizes and the winner will be picked randomly by searching the #singthejingle hashtag.

As we collect more and more videos, we will be putting together various commercial spots that will include videos submitted on Facebook, twitter and instagram as a part of a several different spots on TV. This is your chance for 15 seconds of fame, Literally! How awesome is that! 

Stay tuned on our actual spot! 


Here is our spot from last year.