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1525 Luther ST
Charlotte, North Carolina


Rebrand Media is a lifestyle production company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rebrand Media's mission is to provide creative solution based on unique Video Branding and Design. Initially focused primarily in fashion, entertainment and Lifestyle, We shifted our sights on Commercial and film and gear to make our mark in a rapidly growing city like Charlotte.

Recently, Rebrand Media have partnered up with various advertising agencies to provide direction and production for commercials.

Tasteful marketing approach and innovative concepts while having you BRAND in mind is what we strive for.

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Are you a new restaurant looking for proper video representation to market your new brand?

Are you an established restaurant looking to rejuvenate your brand to regain market share?

Provide a sneak preview of the restaurant's space and the menu.

89 million Americans will watch 1.2 billion videos today. Why? Because video has the power to emotionally connect and engage like no other medium. It moves viewers to take action. 

There's no easier way to communicate your space and your food other than videos. The only thing videos can't do is to provide the ability to taste and smell the offerings.