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1525 Luther ST
Charlotte, North Carolina


Rebrand Media is a lifestyle production company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rebrand Media's mission is to provide creative solution based on unique Video Branding and Design. Initially focused primarily in fashion, entertainment and Lifestyle, We shifted our sights on Commercial and film and gear to make our mark in a rapidly growing city like Charlotte.

Recently, Rebrand Media have partnered up with various advertising agencies to provide direction and production for commercials.

Tasteful marketing approach and innovative concepts while having you BRAND in mind is what we strive for.


This me venting...

Hell just froze over...

Eric Halili

A business professional of 15 years. Someone that is all about branding and promoting in all aspects of social media. Someone who truly believes that brand identity is huge for a company. Someone who doesn't have a LinkedIn and a website for his business...

Not anymore.

I finally got off my lazy butt and jumped on the bandwagon for what I feel are the basics of being professional and having a business.

I recently joined LinkedIn in the hopes of networking with like minded individuals and potential clients. I thought that having social media savviness (if you call it that...) will help me navigate through this platform that I have received millions of invitations throughout the years - for which I had simply ignored. I thought my witty posts on Facebook and my extensive friends list would make this a walk in the park. Boy, was I wrong...

This platform is a different beast. It's like going to a meeting and actually dressing properly. You know, like a suit and tie for a casual meeting? I'm learning that everything in your head cannot be applied to it. Although still being a social media, you have to be selective on what you post. I don't mind it, it's just that this will take a little getting used to. It makes you realize how much filter you lose when it comes to other social media platforms. Is it just because you simply don't care? Or is it just totally OK because you're allowed to act a certain way since it's dubbed "personal"?

Now to the website -- as a media company, part of what we do is produce videos that can live in the website of others;  which is one of the benefits of having videos. So why is it that a production company like myself has just now decided to build a website for the business? One word; "PROCRASTINATION". 

I've operated under referrals ever since I've started this company 6 years ago. I have done OK, but without proper representation on the web, I have probably missed out on a lot of business... why is that? Because I didn't have the right logo? Because I wasn't happy with my portfolio? Or was it because I was just too lazy to heed my own advice. The answer is YES on all of the above - but more so, the last part of it.